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Text : Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire! The moon had gone behind a cloud and there weren't many stars in the sky. It was a dark night. I saw

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Fire! Fire!

The moon had gone behind a cloud and there weren't many stars in the sky. It was a dark night. I saw a glow in my neighbour's kitchen. I thought he was having a midnight snack so I went back to my bed.

Soon, there was a burning smell in the air and I suspected something was wrong. At once, I jumped out of bed and went downstairs to investigate. I saw fire coming out of my neighbour's kitchen. Instinctively, I shouted "Fire! Fire!" But there was no one nearby to hear my shouts for help.

I rushed into my house, called the Fire Department and went back to my neighbour's house. I rang the doorbell, banged on the door and called out my neighbour's name but there was no response. I managed to break into the house and rescued a cat and a rabbit.

I tried to throw buckets of water through the kitchen window but it was no use; the fire was too strong. Luckily, a fire engine arrived and the firemen put out the fire. They arrived in the nick of time as the fire was going to spread to the other rooms in the house.

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When my neighbour came back, he was sad because his kitchen was a wreck but he thanked me for calling the Fire Department and for saving his pets. He wanted to give me some money as a reward but I did not accept it.

Weeks later, my neighbour repaired and restored his kitchen. He invited me to his new kitchen and there he gave me a medal that he had specially ordered from a factory. It made me very happy.

Unforgettable Past

Hi! My name is Jim. Today, I want to tell you a story about something I did when I was 14 years old. I made some friends in school but they turned out to be bad company. They were part of a gang who steals bicycles and resells them.

Whenever we were stealing a bike, a boy named John would smash the lock or chain with a hammer while two other boys were on thelook out. Then one of us would bring the bicycle to a cave on Bukit Timah Hill.

The next day, we would meet in the cave, repaint the bicycle and we would change the accessories ... take off a basket or add a lamp. When we had stolen four or five bicycles, we would smuggle the bicycles into Malaysia and sell them for a few hundred dollars.

One bright Sunday afternoon, we went to an apartment in Bukit Batok to steal a bike. We found a bicycle on the landing of the fifth floor and started to work on the lock. The lock was hard to break ... we took 10 whole minutes to break it. As we were about to escape with the bike, the owner of the bicycle suddenly came out of the elevator. "My bike!" he shouted.

We dropped the bike and ran down the stairs but two policemen who were near-by caught us. We were handcuffed!

We were brought to the police station. Our parents were called and our teachers were told what had happened. The police at the station lectured us. The police took down our personal particulars and we were all allowed to go home. At home, I was scolded and grounded for what I had done. I was also caned by the school principal and was sent to the Boys' Home for six months.

Note:The Boys' Home is a short-term shelter for teenage boys in times of crisis, such as family conflict, physical and sexual abuse, peer pressure and bullying. It offers a residential stay within a disciplined environment to help boys overcome their problems.

Life in the Boys' Home was very hard but I learnt a very important lesson. I learnt that stealing was not right. At the Boys' Home, the officers counselled me and encouraged me to change my ways. I decided to stop stealing.

To this day, I regret what I had done. I hope you will learn from my story and not take the same path, which I took.

إذا لم تكن تعلم أين تذهب ، فكل الطرق تؤدى إلى هناك

If you don't have an objective in life, any cause could be one

Si tu n'as pas UN but dans la vie, tout peut servir comme un but.
** ** ** **

يوجد دائماً من هو أشقى منك ، فابتسم
There is always one who suffers more than you do, so you should be optimistic

Il y a toujours quelqu'un qui souffre plus que toi , donc soit optimiste
** ** ** **

يظل الرجل طفلاً حتى تموت أمه ، فإذا ماتت شاخ فجأة

A man will continue acting like a child until his mother's death, and then he will age in a sudden

L'homme continue agir comme un enfant jusqu'à la mort de sa mère,
à ce moment là, il vieillira d'un seul coup
** ** ** **

عندما تحب عدوك يحس بتفاهته

When you love your enemy is when he feels of his emptiness

C'est quand tu aimes ton enemi, c'est là quand il sent qu'il vaut rien
** ** ** **

إذا طعنت من الخلف فاعلم أنك في المقدمة

If you have been betrayed from behind the scene,
then you should be proud because you are the only one who is in front

Si quelqu'un t'as trahi sans ta connaisance, mais parce qu'il est jalous que tu es en avant.
** ** ** **

الكلام اللين يغلب الحق البين

The soft words are more powerful than the naked truth

Les mots doux sont beaucoup plus puissants de la vérité nue
** ** ** **
كلنا كالقمر .. له جانب مظلم

We are all like the bright moon; we still have our darker side

On est tous comme la lune, nous avons en nous ce c?té sembre
** ** ** **

لا تتحدى إنساناً ليس لديه ما يخسره

Don't challenge someone who has nothing to loose

Ne lance pas un défi à quelqu'un qui n'a rien à perrdre
** ** ** **

العين التي لا تبكي لا تبصر في الواقع شيئاً

The eye which doesn't know the meaning of tears, it doesn't know anything of value

L"oeil qui ne connait pas des larmes, elle ne connait rien de valeurs.
** ** ** **

المهزوم إذا ابتسم أفقد المنتصر لذة الفوز

Si le vaincu continu à garder son sourire il force le vainceur de perdre la jouissance du victoire

If the loser keeps his smile the winner will loose the thrill of victory.
** ** ** **

لا خير في يمنى بغير يسار

No benefit of a right without a left.

Aucun profit d'une droite sans la gauche
** ** ** **

الجزع عند المصيبة، مصيبة أخرى

The panic from a catastrophe is another catastrophe

La panic dans un cas catastrophique un une catastrophe
** ** ** **

الابتسامة كلمة معروفه من غير حروف

The smile is a famous word without letters

Le sourire est un mot sans caractères
** ** ** **

اعمل على أن يحبك الناس عندما تغادر منصبك، كما يحبونك

عندما تتسلمه

Be cheerful when getting -out as when you coming-in

Soit acceuillant à ton départ comme à ton arrive

** ** ** **

لا تطعن في ذوق زوجتك، فقد اختارتك أولا

Don't be critic to your wife's taste; she is the one who selected you at the first place.

Ne soit pas criticant du go?t de ta femme, rappele-toi qu'elle ta choisie au premier lieu
** ** ** **
لن تستطيع أن تمنع طيور الهم أن تحلق فوق رأسك ولكنك تستطيع أنتمنعها من أن تعشش في راسك

You can't chase worries flying over your head but you can do preventing them from nesting in your head

Tu ne peux pas empêcher les craintes de voler en sessus de votre tête mais tu peux les empêcher de faire un nid dans ta tête
** ** ** **

تصادق مع الذئاب .... على أن يكون فأسك مستعداً

Dive with the shark but beware not to be swallowed

Nage avec les requins mais fais attention de ne pas être avaler
** ** ** **

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