Time: 1 h.30mn         20100/2011.                                                                                                     


      It was a beautiful spring morning in 2005. I was picnicking with my school friends. The sun was shining; the butterflies were flying all around us; the birds were singing beautiful tunes while the breeze was blowing from the north. I was reading a book while my school friends were playing basketball. They were enjoying the game so much; they shouted every time they scored. At one moment, the ball went out of the cleared ground and fell in the bushes nearby.

     One of my school friends went to fetch it. As he was walking towards the ball, he saw something that looked like a stick. When he picked it, he realized that it was a long snake which was hiding under the bushes. It was too late! The snake bit him and slipped away . Fortunately, we had some serum against snake bites in our First Aid box…

 Section one: Reading comprehension. (07 points).

        Activity one: Read the text and answer the following questions. (02 pts)

a) How many paragraphs are there in the text?

c)Was the snake the cause of the trouble? In which paragraph is it mentioned?

Activity two: Which sentence best summarizes the text ?Circle the letter of the best answer:1pt

                  a-Spring is the best season

                  b- A boy died by a snake’s bite

                  c- A boy was rescued by his friends from a snake’s bite.

 Activity three :What do the underlined words in the text refer to ?(2pts

      *they ( line 4)

       *which (line9)

       Activity three: Lexis.(02 pts)

Match each word with definition



Season of the year

Saved from a dangerous situation

Low plants that grow thickly.

Reptile with a very long thin body.





   Section two: Mastery of language.

       Activity one: (02 pts)

 a-Choose the correct relative pronoun  (who-which/that-where-whose)

1.This is the boy …………..had an accident.

2.Yesterday, l saw the car ……………was really old.

3.This is the man…………house is on fire.

4.The house ……………the seven dwarfs were living ,was very small.

      Activity two: pick up words from the text and classify them in the table below:3

Verb(past simple)

Time conjunction


     Activity three: Pronunciation. (02 pts)

Cross out the words which has different sounds :

  • ugly- fly-  city-busy
  • snake – made-play – boy .
  • hear- hair- airport-there.
  • Box-foot-office –was.


One day you witnessed a tragic event, happened in the village where you live or at school. Try to tell what happened in about 6 lines.

Use :

  • the past simple / past continuous.
  • Relative pronouns.
  • Place/time

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